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Institutional Performance Portfolio (IPP)

Since 2010, Mission-based Compacts have formally replaced the Institutional Assessment Framework (IAF) as the accountability mechanism for Higher Education Providers. As part of this process the IAF Portfolios prepared in previous years were replaced in 2009 with Institutional Performance Portfolios (IPPs).

Mission-based Compacts recognised that the University is an autonomous institution with a distinctive mission, operating within a state or territory, national and international higher education environment.

The purpose of Compacts is to provide a strategic framework for the relationship between the Commonwealth and the University. The Compact contains Commonwealth funding commitments (from both the former Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR)) and reciprocal University commitments. This creates a transparent and accountable system of administration of Commonwealth funding.

Under the IPP process DEEWR and DIISR (now DIISRTE) collect information annually through the IPP Information Collection. This information, together with data collected through the Higher Education Data Collections on student, staff, financial and research, are combined to prepare a portfolio for the University on an annual basis.

The IPP produces an across-the-board assessment of institutional achievements against the Commonwealth's funding principles. It will be used to inform discussions between the Commonwealth Government and the University in relation to the Compact.

PQU manages the UTS submissions to IPP Information Collections and coordinates the University's discussions with DIISRTE (opens an external site) regarding the IPP.

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