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University Experience Survey (UES)

This page is no longer being updated as the pqu website is being decommissioned.

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What is the UES?

The national University Experience Survey (UES) is being conducted to help universities and the Federal Govenment improve the student experience of students at universities across Australia. Results will play a key role in the ongoing evolution of Australian higher eucation. The Government has engaged Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) and the Social Research Centre (SRC) to work with universities to administer the 2013 UES.

In 2012, all 40 Australian universtities participated in the UES, with over 110,000 students responding. The UES has 5 key focus areas, shown in the figure below:

 Figure 1: UES Focus Areas

What were the results from the 2012 UES?

In 2012, UTS had more than 14,000 students responding to the UES. The following tables provide a summary of the results for UTS across the survey's focus areas:

Figure 2: Quality of teaching at your university

Figure 3: Quality of entire educational experience

Figure 4: Quality of student spaces and common areas

Figure 5: Student's living arrangements, financial circumstances and paid work affect on study

Figure 6: Students' sense of belonging to university and use of university services

For more information ...

More information about the UES, including national results from the 2012 survey can be found at the official UES website.

UTS participation in the UES is managed by PQU's Survey Management Team. For more information, please contact Alberto Mendez.