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Student Feedback Survey (SFS)

This page is no longer being updated as the pqu website is being decommissioned.

Students, please refer to Your feedback counts for current information on this topic.

Teaching Staff, please refer to Student feedback and surveys on Staff Connect  for current information on this topic.


The Student Feedback Survey (SFS) collects student feedback on subjects and teaching staff University-wide.

The SFS Vice-Chancellor's Operational Directive provides detail on how the survey is administered and the results used. The Directive is currently under review.

Summary SFS quantitative results are available by faculty and semester.

Carsten Irmer

Carsten Irmer Former UTS Student

"The student feedback surveys have quite simple and good questions. They hit the point and I was able to answer the goods and bads of the subject."

SFS Instruments

The SFS has been comprehensively revised in 2015 following on from recommendations arising from the SFS Review that took place in 2014. A new SFS instrument is being trialled in Summer 2015 and Autumn 2015. For more information on the Review and to read the full list of recommendations please click here. Additionally, please read the FAQs on this page's side menu.

A new early-semester (formative) SFS questionnaire has been developed to gather early student feedback in week 4 of semester, in order to allow sufficient time during the current semester to address any issues of concern aiming at improving the learning experience of the current cohort of students. It is deliberately short, three items only and one open comment, and is focused on student engagement with their learning.

An updated, three-tiered end-of-semester (summative) SFS has been developed to strengthen the focus on student engagement and learning and to allow faculties to align questions with the learning modes being used for that subject.

Both questionnaires were developed with university-wide consultations with staff and students. Cognitive testing and Rasch analysis were conducted and the findings were used to refine items to ensure their validity. The summative SFS is being trialled in the 2015 Summer and Autumn semesters, whilst the formative SFS has been trialled in the 2015 Autumn semester.

  • The formative and summative SFS questionnaire formats and items can be viewed here.
  • The Learning Mode items and target subjects for the summative SFS can be viewed here.
  • The revised Item Bank for the formative and summative SFS (including optional items) can be viewed here.
  • The SFS activity calendar for the 2015 Autumn semester can be viewed here.

 A separate Tutor Survey continues to be available.

Please do NOT administer SFS yourself, you must contact PQU first!

Ordering a Survey

For further details, or if you would like to order an online SFS for your subject/class, please contact PQU's SFS System Administrator, Ada Wong.

For more information ...

The SFS is managed by PQU's Survey Management Team. For more information, please contact PQU's Survey Coordinator, Alberto Mendez.