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Student and Graduate Surveys

This page is no longer being updated as the pqu website is being decommissioned.

STUDENTS - please refer to Your feedback counts for current information on this topic.

TEACHING STAFF - please refer to Student feedback and surveys on Staff Connect for current information on this topic.


PQU manages the bulk of UTS student and graduate surveys and maintains associated databases. Some faculties and units conduct their own additional surveys.

UTS surveys track students' and graduates' experience throughout their time at UTS and beyond. Surveys are conducted at the subject, course and university levels. The diagram below introduces the four main surveys used by UTS to gain feedback from students and graduates.

Main surveys - feedback on students' experience

  • image survey
    UTS Image Survey
    Collects students' perceptions of UTS as they commence undergraduate study.
    (Sample based)
  • student satisfaction survey
    Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS)
    Collects student feedback on overall performance of the University's services and learning environment.
    (Sample based)
  • student feedback survey
    Student Feedback Survey (SFS)
    Collects student feedback on subjects and teaching staff University-wide.
    (All students)
  • graduate surveys
    Graduate Surveys
    Captures graduates' perceptions of their course 4-6 months after completion. Also monitors career and further study activities of recent graduates.
    (All graduates)

Specialised surveys - by request

  • short course survey
    Short Course Feedback Survey (SCFS)
    Allows short course coordinators and presenters to identify aspects of courses that may be further developed.
  • feedback on teaching survey
    Feedback on Teaching Survey (FoTS)
    Gives teachers feedback on their teaching performance. Only the teacher concerned receives a copy of the feedback. For more information, contact Survey Management

Surveys may focus on different groups of students/graduates

Using feedback to improve

PQU, working with faculties and units, employ survey results to improve learning outcomes and student experience.  In addition, PQU can report results relating to teaching quality (SFS) to individual teachers for the purpose of personal development.

PQU, in association with the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML), develops guidance for teaching staff aimed at enhancing the quality of the student learning experience.  Topic-specific guides prepared by IML are available through the SFS page.

Staff interested in enhancing the quality of student learning experiences are encouraged to contact IML.

PQU also reports against UTS KPIs for teaching, learning and student experience based on aggregated survey results at the University and, where appropriate, faculty level.  We additionally incorporate course level results into the Course Performance Report.

For more information...

Student Surveys are managed by PQU's Survey Management. For more information, please contact Alberto Mendez.