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Australian Graduate Survey (AGS)

This page is no longer being updated as the pqu website is being decommissioned.

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PQU encourages graduates to participate in the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS). The AGS is a national survey involving higher education institutions. The questionnaire comprises two separate instruments: the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ), developed to capture graduates' perceptions of their course, and the Graduate Destination Survey (GDS), which investigates career and further study activities of recent graduates. 

2013 AGS results are now available.

Ivan-Pavao Peric

Ivan-Pavao Peric Former UTS Student

"It is interesting to see that in a lot of subjects, in subsequent semesters, they took the feedback from previous semester and made changes. It's very comforting to see that my feedback has been taken seriously."

Survey questions

The Course Experience Questionnaire comprises 19 multiple-choice items which are part of four scales:

  • Generic skills
  • Good teaching
  • Graduate qualities
  • Overall satisfaction

The Graduate Destination Survey (GDS) identifies:

  • Employment outcomes, including employment availability
  • Employment sectors
  • Methods used to find employment
  • Average annual salaries
  • Further study activities

The AGS is administered biannually to all recent graduates of higher education institutions in Australia. Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) coordinates the collection, analysis and reporting of national results. 

Improving course quality

PQU uses data collected in the AGS in the Annual Course Performance Report, which is used to improve course quality.

For more information ...

The AGS is managed by PQU's Survey Management Team. For more information, please contact Alberto Mendez.