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UTS Staff Survey 2012

UTS Staff Survey 2012 Results


UTS conducted its third Staff Survey hosted by Macquarie Voice Project in May 2012 with 90% of continuing and fixed-term staff and 530 casual staff responding.

The Staff Survey assesses multiple indicators of staff perceptions of performance across a range of staff and general management practices and outcomes.

The UTS-wide survey findings indicate our staff are more engaged than previously. Our target for 2012 on the KPI of Staff Engagement (76%) was almost reached with a result of 75% compared with 72% in 2009.

2012 Staff Survey Results

UTS Executive Summary (148Kb, pdf)

High-Level Results (2.13Mb, pdf)

Key Results 2012

Performing at a satisfaction rate of over 80 per cent, staff and general management practices are:

  • Role Clarity (84%)
  • Teamwork (83%)
  • Job satisfaction (82%)
  • Vision and values (80%)
  • City Campus Master Plan (80%)

Performing at a satisfaction rate of under 50 per cent, staff and general management practices are:

  • Career development opportunities (42%)
  • Cross-unit cooperation, especially across different areas of UTS (42%)

Changes since 2009

In 2009 we identified a number of priority areas for improvement and development. The 2012 results show that we have made progress in all areas.

  • Processes - up by 7%
  • Cross-unit cooperation - up by 5%
  • Leadership and local management - up by 5%
  • Career development - up by 2%

The staff and general management practices and outcomes where we have improved the most since 2009 are:

  • Involvement, especially consulting with staff before decisions are made that affect them - up by 10%
  • Facilities, especially the upgrading of facilities - up by 7%
  • Workload, especially workload management  - up by 7%

The staff and general management practices and outcomes where staff satisfaction has decreased since 2009 are:

  • Safety: Supervisor seeking input from staff on workplace health and safety - down by 10%
  • Teamwork: Working well as a team in my work unit - down by 5%
  • Technology: Staff skilled at using available technology - down by 3%

UTS Relative to Other Universities

Benchmarking our results in the 2012 Survey against 40 other universities identified that we are 10% and higher than the university benchmarks on the following:

  • The way we engage with industry and the professions (19% higher)
  • Cross-unit cooperation, especially communication across UTS (16% higher)
  • Change and innovation (14% higher)
  • Recruitment and selection (14% higher)
  • Involvement, especially consulting staff before decisions that affect them are made (13% higher)
  • Organisation objectives (11% higher)
  • Leadership (10% higher)

There was no significant difference between UTS and the university benchmarks on the remaining items or management practices.


If you have any questions or comments about the UTS Staff Survey, please discuss them with your Dean or Director or alternatively contact Thistle Anderson.

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