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UTS Staff Survey 2009

In August 2009, UTS conducted its second staff survey hosted by Macquarie Voice Project with 64% of continuing and fixed-term staff and 196 casual staff responding.

2009 UTS Staff Survey Results


UTS Executive Summary

UTS Full Report


There are some strong and positive comments from staff in the 2009 survey. Staff indicated they:

  • feel proud to say they work at UTS
  • like the type of work they do
  • believe in the work done by UTS
  • have a strong understanding of the UTS vision and objectives
  • understand what is required of them in their jobs, how they contribute to the success of UTS and well they are doing during their day-to-day duties
  • have good working relationships with their co-workers and believe their colleagues give them help and support

As expected, alongside the positive responses there is also some room for improvement. Feedback identifying areas in need of development include:

  • communication and consultation from senior and local management
  • cooperation and information sharing between different areas of the university
  • career development opportunities
  • general upkeep of buildings and facilities
  • efficiency of internal processes

Key results 2009

Our top performing survey items or management practices and the percentage of staff who rated them favourably are:

  • Teamwork (85%)
  • Role clarity (81%)
  • Job satisfaction (80%)

Our bottom performing survey items or management practices and the percentage of staff who rated them favourably are:

  • Career development opportunities (40%)
  • Cross-unit cooperation (41%)
  • Workload (44%)
  • Processes (45%)
  • Involvement (48%)

Changes since 2007

In 2007 we identified a number of priority areas for improvement and development. The 2009 results show that we have made progress in all areas.

  • Teaching (up 3%)
  • Facilities (up 8%)
  • Community engagement (up 4%)
  • Safety (up 7%)
  • Staff engagement (up 4%)
  • Change and innovation (up 13%)
  • Leadership (up 9%)

The survey items or management practices where we have improved by more than 10% since 2007 are:

  • Organisation objectives (up 16%)
  • Organisation direction (up 15%)
  • Recruitment and selection (up 13%)
  • Change and innovation (up 13%)

UTS relative to other universities

Benchmarking our results in the 2009 Survey against 24 other Australian universities identified that we are more than 10% higher than the university benchmarks on the following survey items or management practices:

  • Industry and professional engagement
  • Organisation objectives
  • Change and innovation
  • Cross-unit cooperation

There was no significant difference between UTS and the university benchmarks on the remaining items or management practices.


If you have any questions or comments about the 2009 UTS Staff Survey, please discuss them with your Dean or Director or alternatively contact Thistle Anderson.