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What makes the UTS Values different?

The UTS values are a group of positive statements intended to have a cohesive effect - providing the 'glue' that binds all staff amongst a backdrop of continuous change, and complexity.  They are deliberately unique reflecting the distinctive UTS culture - they do not resemble the more 'generic' lists of values articulated by many organisations.

Specifically, the UTS Values are:

  • Active in form - to reflect what we do; or need to do. They are not lofty, moralistic stances, rather a reflection of the THINK.CHANGE.DO adage that is well known and respected, both internally and externally about UTS.
  • University-wide - to cross the boundaries of structure, hierarchy, function, profession or discipline and personal interests and motivations
  • Realistic - to indicate the 'grounded' nature of what the values are asking of all of us
  • Forward looking - to encourage a more entrepreneurial, innovative and performance-oriented culture
  • Performance orientated - to indicate what qualities are desirable and useful to be a world-leading university of technology.
  • Balanced - to exhibit a healthy tension - for example 'Engage' and 'Discover' are balanced by the need to both 'Deliver' on our obligations and 'Sustain' organisational health.