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How will UTS demonstrate its commitment to these values?

When we say UTS, we mean all of the people that make up UTS. Everyone has a role to play in bringing the UTS values into our everyday work life. Indeed, the intent is not to dictate what behaviours are required to demonstrate the UTS Values but to allow opportunities for staff, their supervisors and leaders to have constructive conversations about how the UTS Values could be interpreted in each local context and build them into their work plans and team exercises.

In saying that, there are some broad roles and responsibilities in ensuring that the UTS Values do have credibility and rigour throughout the organisation.

Broadly speaking:

All staff are responsible for looking at how the UTS Values can apply in their work and to incorporate those into discussions with colleagues and external parties wherever possible. It's also important to consider the UTS Values as a dimension of performance and as such, to incorporate them into individual performance plans in negotiation with peers and supervisors.

Managers and line supervisors are responsible for using the UTS Values to guide decision-making whether it be in relation to developing individual or team action plans, managing change, communicating requirements or negotiating resources.

 Senior Leaders Group and Council members

  • modelling the UTS Values as leaders - demonstrating exemplar behaviours and rewarding such behaviours in others
  • improving or dismantling any policy, processes, systems or procedures that are found to be working against adoption of these values; and monitoring implementation of the values