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Resources for implementing the strategic plan

As UTS staff, you play a vital role in owning our future. The resources available on this site can help you better understand the plan and how it relates to your faculty or unit and day-to-day work.

Resources for communicating the UTS Strategic Plan

UTS values

UTS' third decade is set to be a period of significant change in Australian higher education.  The UTS Values: DISCOVER, ENGAGE, EMPOWER, DELIVER, SUSTAIN are intended to have a cohesive effect across the university and to guide the kind of performance that typifies an entrepreneurial, innovative and performance-oriented culture. While the UTS objectives describe 'what' UTS needs to achieve to become a world-leading university of technology the values help describe 'how' we intend to achieve these objectives.

The UTS Values are not intended to replace the Code of Conduct or the Workplace Behaviour Statement - instead they look to the quality of relationships and individual behaviour that will get the best results for UTS going forward - so they become 'the way we do things around here'.

This information is also available at UTS Statement of Values (pdf).

All staff are responsible for looking at how the UTS Values can apply in their work and to incorporate those into discussions with colleagues and external parties wherever possible.  Staff are also to consider the UTS Values as a dimension of performance and as such, incorporate them into individual work performance plans in negotiation with peers and supervisors.

Own the Future - the movie

This short movie explores the UTS strategic plan in a different way by combining world-real footage and UTS staff as avatars in a virtual world. In taking this approach we have capitalised on the things that make UTS unique – the use of innovative approaches and technology, the collaborative culture we have and the willingness to learn and adopt new ways of doing things. Over fifty staff participated in the making of this movie. Enjoy ...

Own the Future

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Explore the UTS strategic plan in a different way