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Strategic Planning@UTS

Strategic planning is the process of identifying new directions (goals, strategies, initiatives) necessary to keep the University well-placed in a continually changing environment

UTS implements its strategic objectives and strategies through a cascading model whereby the UTS Strategic Plan (685Kb) is translated and communicated through the multi-year UTS Strategic Priorities, which help to operatlonalise the plan, and at the faculty and unit level, as expressed in local Action PlansKey supporting plans are sponsored by individual Deputy Vice-Chancellors to provide additional guidance on strategic direction (eg. Research, Internationalisation, Widening Participation Strategy).

The recent review of the strategic objectives of the strategic plan has been completed.   The Strategic Objectives 2014-2018 of the strategic plan reflect the opportunities and challenges for UTS over the next five years.  Together with the new supporting outcome statements they provide a stronger pathway and destination for UTS.  The development and rationale of the Strategic Objectives is detailed on the Strategic Plan Review.