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Process Improvement@UTS

The UTS Plan-Do-Review-Improve (PDRI) cycle is the approach we use for continuous improvement of our processes at UTS. 

Improvement may be instigated to:

  •  Improve the level of service to a customer or stakeholder
  •  Improve the efficiency of the process through reducing wasteful practices
  •  Reduce the frustration experienced by staff working in the process

Process Improvement Forums

Credit recognition

Systems for managing credit recognition: A joint forum held on 4 September 2013 between UTS and University of Newcastle.
A summary of the forum is at Credit Recognition Forum (pdf) and Attachment 2 (pdf): Uni of Newcastle presentation on 'The Road to Good Credit'

Outline of forum


  1. Participant pre-forum survey: Key issues for participants
  2. Introducing a new credit recognition system (pdf) - a five year process - University of Newcastle
  3. UTS Credit recognition process improvement team findings and recommendations

Participant feedback to process improvement recommendations

Audience feedback to findings and recommendations of process improvement team

Process Improvement Methodology Manual & Templates

UTS has a process improvement methodology based on six phases, with supporting guidance and tools. These are outlined in the Process Improvement Methodology Manual.

Templates for managing a process improvement project are:

UTS Process Improvement Projects

Process improvement projects are carefully scoped in order to remain focused, manageable and able to produce quick benefits to UTS.  Details of all projects at UTS are detailed below.  

Current projects

Credit Recognition
This project is focusing on the processes for processing and granting Credit Recognition for Local and International students.
Team Leader: Kevin Warrington, Student Administration Unit
•   Project Mandate (pdf)

Planning and Budgeting
This project is focusing on the integration and alignment of the planning processes across UTS and budget formulation.
Team Leader: Martin Hanlon, Planning and Quality Unit
•   Project Mandate (pdf)

Course Financial Viability
This project is focusing on the process and tools used to evaluate the financial feasibility of a course.
Team Leader: Paul Holt, Faculty of Law

•   Project Mandate (pdf)
•   Phases 2 & 3: Current situation report and the identification of improvement opportunities (pdf)

 Domestic PG Conversion
This project is focusing on the application to enrolment processes.
Team Leader: Lynne Blackbourn, Planning & Quality Unit
•   Project Mandate (pdf)
•   Phase 2 - Current situation report (pdf)   

Academic Workload Planning
This project is focusing on streamlining the administrative processes to support effective academic workload planning.
Team Leader: Andrew Aitken Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
•  Project Mandate (pdf)
•  Phase 2 - Current situation report (pdf)
•  Phase 3 - (Draft) Identify improvements report (pdf)
•  Phase 4 - (Draft) Improvement recommendations report (pdf)

Completed projects

Winning ARC Grants
This project focused on the lead processes and the preparation of Grant applications.   The recommendations were presented to the DVC (Research) and the Associate Deans (Research) in September 2011.
Team Leader: Mark Berlage, Research Information Office (Since departed UTS)
•    Project Mandate
•    Recommendations

Managing ARC Grants
This project focused on the processes involved specifically in the establishment of a contract and commencement of research for a successful ARC grant application. The recommendations were presented to the DVC (Research) and the Associate Deans (Research) in September 2011.
Team Leader: Dan Gollan, Faculty Engineering & Information Technology
•    Project Mandate (pdf)
•    Recommendations (pdf)

Course Approval  
This project is focusing on the processes for achieving approval/ accreditation of courses leading up to and through the use of OCAP.
Team Leader: Garry McLeay, Institute for Interactive Media & Learning
•    Project Mandate (pdf)
•    Recommendations (pdf)