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How will UTS measure the impact of the Values?

The staff engagement survey, currently conducted every two years, will give us a good indication of two things: how well the UTS Values are understood by staff and the extent to which staff believe in the UTS Values.

The UTS Key Performance Indicators (see UTS KPI framework) are complementary to the success of the values and will give us a complete picture of how we are performing against them.

At the individual project or initiative level, managers and staff are encouraged to consider indicators that will not only measure the success of the tasks within the project but also the behaviours that support the achievement of the task e.g  teamwork and collaboration. In individual performance plans, the behaviours that support the UTS values can be identified as specific tasks.

For example: A Manager might have an objective:  to hold monthly meetings with the team to discuss the ways in which the UTS Values are being implemented


A staff member might identify within their performance plan a need to represent their faculty or unit on a working party that will review a policy or process.

In determining the success of that task, he or she might identify the following success criteria:

  • To ensure that my contributions are in line with the UTS values in the following ways:
  • Be open to new ideas and bring new ideas to the table for the best outcome

  • Demonstrate commitment to attending meetings and carrying out any action items assigned to me

  • Contribute constructively and honestly to the debate

  • Assist other members of the working party to contribute ideas by being supportive and encouraging of others ideas

These are only examples but help to show how the UTS values provide guidance for everyone in the 'how' of their work.