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Benchmarking at UTS involves the process of comparing our quality and performance in a particular aspect (approaches, systems, policies and processes) with other parts of UTS, other higher education institutions or organisations completely outside the sector. We might be comparing ourselves to a standard or examples of good practice that have been developed for specific sector eg. risk management or a range of sectors eg. Australian Business Excellence Framework.

The overarching aim of benchmarking is to work towards the university's vision for 2018 'to be a world-leading university of technology' by continually improving to meet and exceed the expectations of students, industry and professions.

Benchmarking is part of the Planning and Improvement Framework which aligns planning and improvement activity across the university.   At the university level, benchmarking focuses on areas where there is the most potential benefit to the university's reputation eg improvement related to UTS' strategic objectives.   At the local level, faculties and units can decide to instigate a benchmarking approach to improve a particular process or performance outcome.

Resources for benchmarking

  • Contact Lynne Blackbourn on x3123.

If you want to know more about what other faculties or units are doing:

If you want to know more about how to undertake a benchmarking initiative:

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