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Annual Strategic and Financial Planning and Reporting Cycle

UTS has a rolling three year budgeting and planning cycle. This enables a longer term, more strategic approach. In moving to a three year cycle, the university reviews, updates and prepares action plans and a budget annually, however each is over a three year timeframe.

Strategic priorities, high level planning and budgeting parameters are determined by the Executive in consultation with senior management. Faculties/units have input into the planning and budgeting process through action planning and the budget preparation and resolution process.

The strategical and operational activities of the university's planning, budgeting and reporting cycle is shown in the diagram below (for text description of UTS: Annual Strategic & Financial Planning and Reporting Cycle).

For a bigger and clearer diagram, click on the image below.



The Planning and Quality Committee oversees planning and quality activities at UTS, including implementation of the planning, budget and reporting cycle. PQU provides Executive support to this committee.

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On the planning and reporting cycle, please contact Lynne Blackbourn on 9514 3123.