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Strategic Plan Review


The review of the UTS Strategic Plan Objectives is complete. The revised plan was approved by the UTS Council on 27 November 2013.

The project team, in particular Peter Booth (SDVC), would like to thank all staff for the high quality of input we received at formal committees, staff forums and through email responses.

The high level components of the strategic plan – our Vision, our Purpose and Values – have been reaffirmed and the four key Strategic Objectives have been revised to reflect our progress so far to achieving our vision to be a ‘world-leading university of technology’, with acknowledgement of the challenges and opportunities we face over the next five years.

One important change in this revision is the introduction of Outcome Statements to demonstrate what success will look like for each Strategic Objective and help establish the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and targets for UTS.

The UTS Model of learning is the foundation of our thinking and focus. The revised Strategic Objectives aim to take the UTS Model to a new level of innovative approaches to learning and graduate success. 

A summary of the new Strategic Objectives is below. A web version of the UTS Strategic Plan (2014-2018) (2.5Mb, pdf) is available and printed copies were distributed within the university early 2014.      

UTS Strategic Objectives (2014-2018)

The four strategic objectives are:

Engage our students in creative and inspiring learning that enable them to build strong professional identities, future-focussed graduate capabilities and global citizenship.
The UTS Model provides a learning foundation that is practice-oriented, globally-focussed and research-inspired.  We listen to business and industry and develop graduates who contribute to the future of their professions and a global society.  Our future-focussed learning environment and strategies provide a framework so that graduates develop the capabilities and attributes to future-proof their careers.

Objective 2: ENHANCE OUR RESEARCH PERFORMANCE: Increase the scale, quality and impact of research in our discipline fields.
We will build on our recent successes in research and researcher development through sustained commitment to the implementation of the Research Strategy.  Our key areas of focus continue to be Future services, industries and productivity; Communication and intelligent systems; Health futures; Sustainability and built environment; Creative industries and civil societies; and Business innovation.

Objective 3: CONNECT AND ENGAGE: Leverage our environment to connect students, staff, alumni, industry and the community to create sustained opportunities for collaborative learning, innovative research and enduring relationships.
Our physical and virtual university environments have been designed to create an intellectually and socially vibrant educational experience; one that has a culture of encouraging diversity and championing social justice.  This ‘sticky campus’ - connected, inclusive and positive – will be leveraged to create sustained high value collaborations and activities at all levels

Objective 4: ADAPT AND THRIVE: Lead UTS into a sustainable future; fostering creativity, agility and resilience in our people, processes and systems.
We have established an impressive track record as a dynamic, forward-thinking and responsive organisation.  We are ethical and transparent in our actions.  Our staff are talented and engaged.  To continue to thrive and achieve our vision, we must make smart decisions on how we invest in our future workforce and infrastructure.  We will be efficient and streamlined to create space for the generation of creative and innovative solutions and new activities.

Background to the review of the strategic plan

  • Why did we need to review the Strategic Plan objectives?
  • What was the aim of the Review?
  • What was reviewed?
  • What was the consultation process?
Why did we need to review the Strategic Plan Objectives?

Whilst the UTS Strategic Plan 2009 - 2018 has a ten-year horizon, the four Key Strategic Objectives have a five-year horizon. These objectives were due for review by the end of 2013 to see if they were still current and relevant to our Strategic Vision and Purpose.  The regular review and refinement of our Strategic Direction is also consistent with our Planning and Improvement Framework

What was the aim of the Review?

The review aimed to examine the Strategic Objectives in light of our progress against them and any significant changes in the external environment.  The approach we took was ‘evolution not revolution’.

What was reviewed?

The high level components of the Strategic Plan – our Vision, Purpose and Values – were reaffirmed by the University Council in late 2012. Staff surveys confirmed that the Strategic Plan had been well received and was very useful in guiding strategic decision-making and local planning across UTS.   Consequently, the review focused  on developing  Strategic Objectives for ‘phase 2’ of the current planning period, 2014-2018, and then any necessary refinements to the University KPI Framework to ensure alignment between the two.

What was the consultation process?

The consultation process occurred over late 2012-2013 and involved all levels of the university, including the Council.  Consultation with staff was through various ways, including an all Staff Forum, e-bulletins and a feedback process.  Feedback from all forums was incorporated into the new Strategic Plan.