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UTS Re-registration and Quality Audit


Between 2000-2011, the independent national agency, the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA), promoted, audited and reported on quality assurance in Australian higher education.   In 2012, this was replaced by a new registration assessment process by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) (opens an external site). The primary role of TESQA is undertake regulatory compliance and quality assessments to evaluate the performance of higher education providers against the Higher Education Standards Framework (opens an external site).

UTS was audited by AUQA in 2006 (Cycle 1 audit) and was due to be audited again in 2012 (Cycle 2 audit).  This quality audit was replaced by the new registration assessment process, conducted by TEQSA. 

In 2013, the University received re-registration by TEQSA as a Higher Education Provider for the maximum period of seven years, without conditions.

TEQSA Registration Process - 2012/2013

In order to be registered as an education provider, universities are required to demonstrate that they meet the Threshold Standards (Provider and Qualifications) set out in the TEQSA Act.   The Standards Framework comprises five domains: Provider Standards, Qualifications Standards, Teaching and Learning Standards, Information Standards and Research Standards.

Universities are assessed through a comprehensive process that examines all areas of operations including financial, corporate and academic governance, academic quality, AQF compliance, course approval, management and HR, responsibilities to students, and physical and electronic resources.  In addition to this examination, each university must provide evidence to demonstrate that it has the right plans, policies and processes in place to meet the relevant standards and achieve its desired outcomes.  

As part of this process in 2012, UTS also had to demonstrate how it measured its success, as well as provide specific details about five nominated courses that were then examined in more depth. 

UTS was able to demonstrate that it met the Threshold Standards and in 2013 was re-registered for the maximum period of seven years, without conditions. 

Preparation for AUQA Cycle 2 quality audit - 2011/2012

Although the cycle 2 quality audit was eventually cancelled and replaced by the TESQA re-registration process, preparations for the audit took place in 2011 and provided a solid foundation for the re-registration process in 2012. 

Preparation for the cycle 2 audit was structured across the following inter-related and inter-woven activities:

   1. a self-review of quality assurance processes, standards and outcomes (particularly in relation to the audit themes)
   2. an internal trial audit in 2011 to test the outcome of the self review and the first draft of the Performance Portfolio
   3. preparation of the UTS Performance Portfolio to report on the outcome of the self review.

 The trial audit version of the Performance Portfolio was structured around 3 chapters with the following supporting material:

AUQA Cycle 1 quality audit - 2006

The Australian Universities Quality Agency audited the quality assurance arrangements of UTS in 2006. The audit constituted a quality review of the entire University.

Key Reports of the AUQA 2006 Audit

  • UTS Performance Portfolio (PDF 1.33MB, 130p): the university's major written input to the audit process, submitted to AUQA in 2006
  • AUQA Audit Report (PDF 233KB, 64p): findings of the audit of UTS, August 2006
  • UTS Progress Report (PDF 208KB, 44p): action taken by UTS in response to the Audit findings, July 2008