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Strategic Planning and Improvement Team

The Strategic Planning and Improvement Team coordinates implementation of the University's Planning and Improvement Framework.  This involves providing advice and support on multi-year planning, implementation of reviews, data analysis and process improvement.

Team Members

Lynne Blackbourn, Manager Strategic Planning and Improvement
Carolyn Newbigin, Performance Analysis & Reporting Specialist
Jan McClelland, Planning & Communications Specialist


services include:

services include:

  • coordinating the University's cycle of major reviews
  • maintaining a register of major reviews being conducted across the university, and
  • providing internal consulting assistance to the University in the conduct of reviews.

services include:

  • providing Executive support for the Planning and Quality Committee, and
  • providing support for quality improvement initiatives consistent with the University's mission, such as project managing follow up from the 2006 AUQA audit and preparation for the 2012 AUQA audit.