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Strategic Intelligence Team

The Strategic Intelligence team maintains the University's primary source of business intelligence and administers the University's surveys.  It also provides data analyses, data modeling and reporting.  The team plays an integral role in the support of University decision making. 

Team Members

Michael Rothery Manager, Management Reporting and BI Engagement
Jean Lei Business Intelligence Professional
Anne Barrie Business Intelligence Professional (seconded to ITD 2013/2014)

Andrew Millikan Quality Information & Rankings Manager

Survey Management reports to the Manager of the Strategic Intelligence team.


Services for internal stakeholders include:

Services for external stakeholders include:

  • coordinating University reporting to Graduate Careers Australia and  Federal Government departments, including DEEWR, Australian Tax Office and Centrelink on student, staff and finance statistics as requested, and
  • coordinating the University's involvement in DEEWR's Institutional Performance Portfolio (IPP) (IAF) process.