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Mission & Priorities

Our purpose

Our purpose as a unit is to enhance UTS performance by supporting decision-making and providing quality improvement services.

To deliver our purpose we adopt two broad roles:

  1. providing planning and improvement frameworks, project support, business intelligence and survey services for UTS managers and staff, and
  2. advocating sound strategic planning, performance reporting and continuous improvement throughout the UTS community.

In undertaking these roles we support all four performance domains of the UTS Strategic Plan (1 MB pdf)

Our clients and partners

Our main clients, those we provide products and services for, are the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Senior Executive, Vice Chancellor’s Committee, academic teaching staff, faculties and units and the University Council. Our services are aimed at helping our clients deliver improved outcomes for students, staff and industry.

To deliver our products and services we collaborate with a range of partners, such as but not limited to the University’s Planning and Quality Committee, the AUQA Project Team, Associate Deans for teaching and learning, research and engagement, KPI Data Managers, process improvement teams and the ATN Planning and Quality and Survey Manager Groups.


   1. Improving integration of KPI target setting, performance reporting and local action-planning

   2. Facilitating identification of the university’s strategic objectives for 2014-2018

   3. Coordinating a third round of process improvement projects

   4. Developing improved Business Intelligence functionality

   5. Strengthening governance of data quality and integrity

The UTS Planning and Improvement Framework provides the context for much of the unit’s work.